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Excel Protected Sheet Expand Group. I have a large worksheet that is utilized by several dozen members of my organization. How to expand and collapse groups in protected worksheet using excel online.

How to Allow Group Ungroup Rows on Protected Sheet in from

#userinterfaceonlyprotection #vba #macro hello friends,in this video you will learn how to expand and collapse groups in excel while worksheet is protected. Expand group excel protected sheet how to allow grouping on protected sheet excel. Use excel's table command to convert a list of data into a named excel table.

After Protecting The Worksheet, Excel Won't Allow The User To Expand Or Collapse Grouped Rows That List Detailed Information On Each Step Of The Calculations.

I want to protect the worksheet and control what cells. This has been a guide to group rows in excel. Ensure you have macros enabled 2.

To Enable Grouping And Outlining On A Protected Worksheet, You Must First Set Up Grouping/Outlining On Your Data.

Expand group excel protected sheet how to allow grouping on protected sheet excel. I have protected the sheet with only certain cells available for input. Hi i am generating excel through poi and my sheets are are password protected.

Auto Outline Groups All The Rows Above The Subtotal Row.

On the review tab, click unprotect sheet (in the changes group). Now protect your worksheet with password you have specified in the vba code. Unfortunately, they neglected to add one that would allow excel users to use grouping and outlining on a protected worksheet.

Everything Seems To Be Ok, Formulas Are Protected And The Excel Grouping Seems Quite Functionable.

The key to getting this functionality is setting the userinterfaceonly protection property to true and then enabling the the ability to expand/collapse row/column groupings. Lock only specific cells and ranges in a protected worksheet. Here is the column that i need to to do that, j,ae,ak,az,bn,br,bu to cx.

Is It Possible To Enable Expand/Collapse Feature In A Protected Sheet?

How to group rows manually Is there anyway that when we protect sheet but we still can expand or collapse group? Excel allows us to group and ungroup data, which enables us to expand or collapse rows and columns to better organize our spreadsheets.

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