How Long Can You Live With A Bad Mitral Valve. To be safe, call your doctor. Fatigue is a common but nonspecific symptom of mitral valve regurgitation.

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Fluids and medications through an iv oxygen pain medication “if the blood leaks back into the lungs, it causes you to have shortness of breath.” While listening to your heart, the doctor will hear a click and murmur, the sound of abnormal blood flow through the valve, as the leaflets bow.

After Mitral Valve Repair, 95% Of Patients Are Free Of Reoperation At 10 Years, And This Statistic Is Similar At 20 Years.

Therefore, it can be said that life expectancy with leaking heart valves is quite relative and can vary from person to person. Survival rates for heart valve replacement surgery are often used as predictors of how long patients can live beyond a certain number of years (5 years, 10 years) after the surgery. Fluids and medications through an iv oxygen pain medication

Fatigue Is A Common But Nonspecific Symptom Of Mitral Valve Regurgitation.

Do not wait a few days until you have a major infection to seek treatment. Some suggest that the life of a mechanical mitral valve may even be longer. If the mitral valve is damaged or becomes misaligned, it can't close completely with each heartbeat.

However, For Some Folks Living With A Mitral Prolapse, The Condition Can Be Serious.

But sometimes, mitral valve regurgitation develops quickly. Take good care of your teeth and gums. The life expectancy for patients with mild type of mitral valve disease is good without therapy and restriction and the symptoms if any can be controlled by medication.

However, Their Survival Chances Worsen If The Breathlessness Becomes More Frequent And Develops While Performing Daily Activities Like Cooking And Bathing.

Fixing the valve can add years to your dad's life and improve his quality of life. That said, a mechanical mitral valve can is reported to last between 20 to 25 years. Beside above, is mitral valve stenosis dangerous?

This Is Especially True If You Have A Mild Case Of It.

After you develop symptoms, they may not become severe for up to 10 years. A small cut is made in the left side of your heart so your surgeon can repair or replace the mitral valve. “the most common valve problem is leakage, also known as mitral valve regurgitation ,” dr.

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