In Excel Sheet Scroll Not Working

In Excel Sheet Scroll Not Working. To restore the horizontal scroll bar, select the appropriate option in the excel menu. In excel 2010 display the file tab of the ribbon and then click options.) at the left side of the dialog box, click advanced.

Hide and Unhide Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bar and from

Check and make sure your scroll lock is not turned on. I have a excel doucment in which the bottom horizontal bar does not work. Holding down the shift key disables scrolling.

If It Is Blue, Scroll Lock Is Still On.

This documet has multiple sheets. Deselect the zoom on roll with intellimouse checkbox if selected. There are actually a number of possible reasons for that.

Click The “Scrlk” Key To Turn Off Scroll Lock.

Another possibility that the mouse wheel doesn't work is scroll lock. You can normally toggle scroll lock off and on by hitting the scroll lock key on your keyboard. Make sure that the key associated with screen lock is not in blue, screen lock was successfully disabled.

A Dialogue Box / Window Is Open.

Clear all the unnecessary content & save. Scroll lock on the keyboard changes whether arrow keys traverse through the cells or slide the vert / horiz scrollbars of the worksheet window. (in excel 2007 click the office button and then click excel options.

You May Have Forgotten This Key On Your Keyboard.

But now when i open with open office the same file it does not allow me to scroll and throws protected cells cannot be modified. The virtual keyboard will show up, and you click the scrlk key to remove scroll lock. If i do a find for a cell that is out of view, the window scrolls correctly.

If You Don't Have A Scroll Lock Key On Your Keyboard Do This.

I can open other excel documents and it works fine. To enable scroll for worksheet tabs, check the boxes representing the 'show horizontal scroll bar' and the 'show vertical scroll bar' options. Display the excel options dialog box.

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