Little Tiger Big Tiger Summary In Hindi

Little Tiger Big Tiger Summary In Hindi. You must be logged in to view this content. Read and download free pdf of cbse class 3 english little tiger big tiger worksheet.

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When the tiger cub chased and caught the frog and turned to show his mother, he could not find her. When the sky was dark, the mother tiger hunted for deer and pig. She faced the other tiger and he went away.

Hii Jyoti Kalra.welcome To Our Channel Do Or Die For Study.little Tiger Big Tiger Story Class 3Rd English Unit 7 In Hindi | Ncert Class 3 English Story.

The tiger cub stayed close by his mother's side. At last, when he caught it, he turned around to show the frog to mother tiger. The tiger crept up closer to the little tiger cub.

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Little tiger, big tiger is a story about a tiger cub and his mother. Packletide ek asi ladki thi jo apni dost lona bibleton ke samne dikhavas karna chati thi. When the langur monkey saw her, he called a loud, harsh call:

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Packletide's tiger summary in hindi share with your friends. They lived near a river in a shady jungle. What happened to the tiger cub when he chased the frog.

Little Tiger, Big Tiger There Was A Mother Tiger And Her Small Tiger Cub.

What did the tiger cub catch one night ? These ncert book chapter wise questions and answers are very helpful for cbse exam. But, there came a year when the small tiger cub was a full grown tiger.

Read Out The Summary Once And Ask Children To Repeat.

Kyonki loona ne algerian aeroplane me bethke packletide ke samne dikhawa kardiya tha. My silly sister class 3 summary : Little tiger, big tiger class 3 summary in english.

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