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Long A Sound Worksheets Pdf. These educational tools are teacher inspired and made for kids. The mad man hates the ban on tacks.

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This is a worksheet focusing on long vowels ea and ee. With word searches, vowel charts, and even vowel bingo to choose from, our long/short a worksheets have something for everyone. Grammar spelling and spelling patterns long vowel sounds.

Grab Tons Of Words For Each Type As You Explore Our Long I Worksheet Pdfs, So The Going Never Gets Tough.

In the files below, you'll find word sorts, reading practice activities, and phonics card games. These sentences are each missing a word, and each missing word has the long i sound! Five ways to spell the long a sound.

Your Students Will Enjoy The Phonics Puzzles And Ai And Ay Worksheets.this Unit Is Perfect For First And Second Grades.

Can gabe tape his cap to his cape? Your child will choose words from the box to complete each sentence. This set contains 11 printable pages where students will work with words containing the vowel teams ay and ai.

Recite The Vowels To Your Children, And Ask Them To Recite Them Back.

These pages might fit into your second or third grade word. If it has the long a sound, circle the picture. Once your kids have a concrete understanding of the vowels, you can begin teaching them the phonetic sounds.

You Can Fill In The Blanks Or Trace, Color, Circle Or Read.

Long vowel sounds worksheet 4. Tracing and matching words with long i. Students will sound out four words and choose which words have a long vowel.

Long Vowels (Ea & Ee) Revision 1.

Try our fun color by short vowel sound sheets, or take a phonics practice test. The magic e or final e and the open syllable are the most common ways. Register and get access to:

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