My Car Won't Start Without A Jump. I see this question all the time on auto forums. 1st thing to check is the battery.

motorcycle wont Start suddenly? i was riding yesterday without problem from

Next, elaborate on why you need to replace the battery and the starter. If your car still won't work, even after a jump, the alternator could be the culprit. When a battery ages, the internal parts start to corrode, which decreases their ability to hold a strong charge for a long period of time.

Your Car Won’t Start If The Cable Connections On.

Be careful not to hit the back of the cylinders were the cables are loacted only the side round part of the cylinder. How to troubleshoot your jump start step one allow the dead battery in the vehicle that is being jump started charge for a couple of minutes while the jumper cables are connected. As you may know, the alternator charges the battery while the engine runs by generating amperage and recharging the battery while the engine turns the alternator pulley.

There Is Probably A Simple Explanation Of Why You Now Have The Problem You Have.

You can start with what kind of vehicle you have. Have you or a mechanic check the distributor cap inside for any wetness or dampness, checking to see if the moisture has harmed the internal components. I see this question all the time on auto forums.

Give The Car A Jump Start, But Let The Leads From The Donor Vehicle Stay On The New Battery For A Period Of Time.

You may just have a battery that is at the end of it's life. Hold it there for 2 minutes. If the battery is very weak, trying to start the car right after connecting the cables may not provide it with enough juice to turn the engine over.

If It Is Automatic Try In Neutral.

If your battery is too old, it will no longer be able to receive power from even a jump start to get going again. A simple jump start with battery cables should get the car started and recharge the battery. Once you get in the car, try starting the engine by pressing the start button with the keyfob.

Then Remove Clamp From Battery.

This may require a diagnostic to identify what has gone wrong so call a garage! After this, hold cable clamp on negative p[ost of battery without breaking test light connection. Car starts after jump but won't start again:

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