Simple Past Positive And Negative Sentences Exercises

Simple Past Positive And Negative Sentences Exercises. Did they watch a movie ? _____ 5 she has two brothers.

Present simple 3rd person,positive, negative,questions from

(they heard the door closing). (they found out who stole it). [2] he didn’t walk to school today.

1 He Is Not Doing His Homework.

I (work) at johnson & co. Past simple with 'be' positive and negative forms. Adam ran 500 m 4.

You Didn’t Go To The Bed Early.

(to count) our cat a big mouse. Free exercises to learn english: (to make) the weather really nice.

My Brother (Live) In London For Six Years.

(she chose her favourite film). 1 where did you went went you did you go on holiday last summer? I lived in bangkok for 5 years (i don’t live there anymore).

(To Catch) In 2011 Our Class A Trip To Norwich.

He didn´t go to the swimming pool because he didn´t like swimming. They watched a movie yesterday. Did he meet her ?

[2] He Walked To School Today.

Did she study in the library ? Complete the conversation using the words in brackets to make past simple positive, negative, and questions. Click here to download this exercise in pdf (with answers)

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